Data Rescue PC 3 scan window

Today I helped a customer who had accidentally reformatted an external hard drive on their PC. He had run a scan using Data Rescue PC 3 and had saved his scan file (scan.bin) to a location on a separate drive. He had recovered some of his files and quit Data Rescue PC 3 while he was going through his recovered files. He then wanted to go back to the scan to recover the rest of the files but was not sure how to load the scan he already ran and didn’t want to go through the scan process again. He called support and I was able to guide him to the Wizard where he could choose “Load Scan” and then he located his scan.bin file for his previously ran scan. He decided to just recover all of the raw data from the scan to make sure he didn’t forget anything. When he finished the recovery he had all of his important files back and was glad Data Rescue PC 3 was able to help him.