Data Rescue 3 LE is a special version of Prosoft Engineering’s award-winning data recovery software, Data Rescue 3 for Macintosh computers. It is a special Apple App Store version which will allow you to recover files from external, not-startup drives. App Store limitations prohibit the use of applications that need administrative privileges, therefore the LE version cannot work with internal or start-up drives and does not have an emergency boot disk. Data Rescue 3 LE is one of the top-selling utilities in the App Store-Data Rescue 3 LE  can recover a multitude of file formats from external drives and is still a powerful application. The software is also compatible with Mac OS X 10. 7 Lion. Using this software allows the computer owner to recover files from external non-boot drives that show up in the Disk Utility but will not mount. Data Rescue 3 LE can also recover files that have been deleted from these external drives. While this program is a powerful file recovery application, you might find that you need the features of the full version. Therefore, Prosoft Engineering makes it easy for you to upgrade. The full version of this computer data recovery software allows recovery on internal boot drives and contains an emergency boot disk to recover files on a non-mounting boot drive. Prosoft Engineering also has data recovery Windows software, and if you need to “ Speed up my Mac,” there is software to maintain and backup your computer, too. Drive Genius 3 for Mac contains several utilities to enhance your computing experience and is used by the technicians at the Genius Bar.