When recovering files that were deleted or on a drive that was reformatted, you can use Data Rescue 3 to recover the files based on file pattern. Data rescue 3 inherently supports many different file types.

If you are looking to recover lost files from a drive and you do not see that file type in our list of support file types, then FileIQ can be a helpful tool to aid you in the recovery attempt. As mentioned, we support pretty much all the file types a typical user would encounter, but in very obscure cases, or for propriety or classified file types, FileIQ is revolutionary- In order to use FileIQ you will typically need at least 5 good sample files of the specific file type you would like to recover. You can refer to our How-To Guide for using FileIQ.

Once you are able to learn and add the new file type using FileIQ, you can run a Deleted File Scan or Deep Scan with Data Rescue 3. When the scans finish you can find the files you are looking for in the scan results under Reconstructed Files->User Defined. FileIQ comes in handy when attempting to recover special file types that Data Rescue 3 doesn’t support by default.