Today I helped a customer that had accidentally deleted all of his pictures on his computer by mistake. He wanted to recover the deleted pictures using Data Rescue 3, he had the DVD but was not sure how to proceed. He inserted the DVD into his Mac and was prompted to drag the Data Rescue icon to his Applications folder to install. Since he wanted to recover deleted pictures from his Mac hard drive, it is best not to install to avoid writing data to this drive. So I guided him to double-click on the icon instead which launched the application and he was able to continue without installing.

Now that he had Data Rescue 3 launched, I guided him in starting a Deleted Files scan on his hard drive. When the scan completed, he went into the scan results and selected the images folders that he wanted to recover and then began to recover them to his external hard drive. He was very glad to have recover the thousands of images that he lost using Data Rescue 3. He plans on being more careful with his files and having a backup but is thankful that Data Rescue can help him if he ever makes such a mistake again.

If you have accidentally deleted photos try the demo version of Data Rescue 3, check out our special offers or purchase and download Data Rescue 3 directly from our website.