Today I worked with a customer to help them use Data Rescue 3 to recover some files that were accidentally deleted from their Mac. After the files were deleted she was not sure what to do but she was told to try Data Rescue 3 and contacted us for assistance. I guided her in changing her web browser’s settings so that her downloads would be saved to her external hard drive. This is an important step to avoid data loss by overwriting the data on her Mac hard drive. Then instead of installing the demo, I showed her how to launch the application from the disk image file that she downloaded, this is also to prevent data loss.

Once we were able to launch Data Rescue 3, I walked her through starting a Deleted Files Scan on her Mac hard drive. When the scan completed, she contacted me for assistance in completing the recovery. I showed her how to mark the files/folders that she wanted to recover and then how to choose the destination to recover them to. When the recovery was complete she was able to sort through all of the files and find the ones documents she was looking for. She was very happy with the results of the recovery and was glad we were able to help her with the process to recover her priceless data including photos of her 4 children.