With the release of Drive Genius Version 4.0.2 we have seem some customers receiving a Launch Failure directly after the update. Drive Genius has a built in feature where it will repair launch failures by itself if you launch the software from within the application folder on your Mac hard drive.

In order to take advantage of this self repair you can open your Mac hard drive, open your Application folder then navigate to Drive Genius 4, double click Drive Genius 4 from this location, if you continue to get a launch failure, try to launch from the application folder 3-4 times as this will resolve most launch failures.

If relaunching from the Application folder does not resolve your issue you can try the following uninstall steps to reinstall the most up to date version of the software.

Drive Genius Uninstaller

After uninstalling please make sure to Restart your computer.

You can download and install the latest version of Drive Genius 4 from here:

Drive Genius 4

Double click to open this DMG file and manually drag the Drive Genius Atom Icon into your Application folder.

If you are still experiencing any issues, please contact our free US based support team here.