Today I spoke with a customer who was having problems scanning a failed hard drive from his Mac. The drive had been recalled by Apple and had been replaced, but they gave him the drive back so he could retrieve his data and then return it to Apple. He hooked up the bad hard drive to his Mac and was told to use Data Rescue 3 to recover the data. He tried scanning the hard drive but it seemed to get stuck at 20% progress and he was not sure what to do at that point. I helped him set up a Reverse Clone on this drive and he was able to successfully copy the data to another hard drive of equal size. Then he was able to run a Deep Scan on the Clone drive and recover his data from the Reconstructed Files folder of the scan results. On a drive that seems to be failing, cloning with Data Rescue 3 is the best strategy to take in order to copy the data from the drive before it experiences a hardware failure.