Today I helped a customer install Hear’s Extra Presets which includes Presets like 70’s, Crisp, More Bass, Spacious, Swing, and many more. These Presets were created for fun and are not part of the regular Hear application but are included in the installation disk image. I guided him through the installation, which started by opening the Hear disk image, in the installation window off to the right is the Extras folder which holds the Extra Presets folder. Then I guided him to copying the folder into his Hear Presets folder in ~/Library/Preferences/Hear/Hear Presets.

He was a new user of Hear and wanted to have as many Presets to work with as possible so that he could find some that fit his taste and adjust them from there. Overall he was already impressed with the difference that Hear made on the sound for his Mac when listening to music or watching a movie.