Drive Genius 3‘s initialize feature can prepare a disk that is not been previously formatted or erase an existing volume before Installing a version of Mac OSX on it. Most hard drives are already pre-formatted, however, many hard drives are not ready for Mac use.

Additionally, you can use Initialize to format SD & CF media cards as well. The Initialize feature is very straight forward and easy to use. If your not familiar with Apple’s Disk Utility , this can simplify the process for you in a snap. Follow the steps to format your drive properly for an Intel based Mac.

  1.  Launch Drive Genius 3.
  2.  Click the Initialize icon from the arena menu or from the drop-down menu on the top right.

  3.  Select the drive you want to initialize. (format)
  4.  Choose the GUID Partition Table option.
  5.  Type in “ Mac HD Clone “ and click the “ Start “ button.

  6.  Confirm you have chosen the correct drive and options before clicking “ Initialize “.

  7.  Once completed Time Machine will prompt you to use the drive as a Backup Disk .You can either choose to either use or do not use based on your use for the drive.