Today I helped a customer who was having problems with his hard drive on his MacBook Pro. The hard drive kept freezing up and causing his internet browser to run slow and generally frustrating him. He tried to force quit the applications but this did not help. He pulled out his Drive Genius 3 disk to help resolve this issue but in the meantime he had forcibly shut down his Macbook Pro causing the hard drive to not mount. He had the Drive Genius 3 disc inserted in his Mac but was not sure what to do.

I worked with him running a few different tools in Drive Genius 3 to figure out what was going on with his Mac. We ran a few tests on the MacBook Pro and then rebooted the Mac. He was surprised to see that upon reboot the MacBook Pro was able to go right into Mac OS X and everything was running well again. In the end he was very glad that Drive Genius 3 saved him the time and aggravation of erasing the hard drive and then restoring his Mac.