I spoke with a customer today who had a MacBook Pro (Late 2011 Model) that would no longer startup due to a corrupted internal boot hard drive. She had acquired another Mac and installed Data Rescue 3 on her new Mac. Then she connected both Macs using a FireWire cable and started the MacBook Pro with the bad hard drive in Target Disk Mode by holding down “T” on the keyboard.

When she launched Data Rescue 3, in Step 1 the MacBook Pro showed up as a FireWire drive so she chose this drive and began to run a Deep Scan. When the scan finished, she was able to go the Reconstructed Files folder in the Scan Results where she marked the Images, Documents and Mail folders and chose to recover them to an external drive. After she recovered all of her data, she was then able to take the MacBook Pro to the Apple store and get the hard drive replaced. Using FireWire Target Disk Mode allows Data Rescue 3 Mac Recovery Software to scan the hard drives of newer model Macs that are unable to startup from the internal drive.