Today I helped a customer who had been using Data Rescue 3 to try to recover some lost images that she had taken recently. She had ran a Deep Scan on her hard drive and her camera cards but was not able to find the RAW images that she had accidentally deleted. She had a new Canon camera that produced .CR2 files that was specific to that camera and Data Rescue 3’s File Module for .CR2 was not able to recognize the updated file type.

FileIQ learns the unknown file type

She decided to try the FileIQ feature to see if Data Rescue 3 needed to learn the specific .CR2 file type that her camera produced in order to find these files. After adding the new File Module using FileIQ, she ran the scan again on her hard drive but was not sure where to look in the Scan Results. I spoke with her and guided her to look in the Reconstructed Files folder of the Scan Results, this contains the User Defined folder where she could find the folder for her recently added File Module. She then recovered all of her files to another drive and was glad we were able to help her.

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