I spoke with a customer that wanted to find out how to make a startup drive for his Mac since his 2012 iMac does not have a SuperDrive. Apple has decided to not include the SuperDrive on a majority of their models and the new ultra books on the market are also following this trend. He had previously owned Drive Genius 3 and had always had a disc to startup from as his secondary startup choice.  Data Backup 3 offers a good solution to this problem in the way of a clone of the Mac HD which is also bootable. I offered him the option of making a startup disk on a external drive with Mountain Lion/Lion or making a bootable clone of his internal drive. I suggested the bootable clone as this option not only does a exact clone copy of the drive but also makes it bootable. This option if scheduled as a backup will do an incremental backup of the internal drive of the Mac(Macintosh HD ). If there was a problem with the startup drive this gives a secondary startup drive. Time Machine does a backup of the entire drive but Time Machine is not bootable and Data Backup 3’s clone backup is. I explained to him this how this option is a great choice for him to backup his system and use as a secondary boot device. He thanked me for the advice and decided to try it.

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