Today I spoke with a customer who had deleted over 60,000 pictures of his 3 children from a folder with duplicate names. He panicked after deleting these pictures and went to the Apple store for ideas on what to do and how to recover his deleted files.  An Apple Store employee recommended that he try Data Rescue 3 to recover his photos. He ran a Deep Scan and then reviewed the results but he wasn’t sure what the next step was. He contacted Prosoft Engineering’s tech support and after speaking with him I found out that he was doing a search for the original folder by name in the scan results.

I explained to him that the files that were deleted no longer have their original file names because the metadata that holds the file names had been removed at the time of deletion. I then worked with him to browse through the JPEG folders in the scan results. I asked him to sort by the “Date Modified “ tab and check for the images he was looking for based on the time and date these images were created because Data Rescue 3  is often able to find the original dates for pictures taken from digital cameras. He started seeing different dates and then started looking through some of these files and saw some of the files he was looking for. He understood the process and was very thankful and happy for the product and support.