Today I helped a customer that was using Data Rescue 3 to scan and recover data from a Mac hard drive that he successfully cloned. He was able to clone his 500 GB drive to a 2 TB hard drive, but once he started the scan he realized he would have to scan the entire 2TB drive and it was going to take around 20 hours. So he gave our support line a call to see if there was a way that he could just scan the 500 GB of the clone instead of the entire 2TB to save himself some time.

I was able to show him how he could use the End Early option when cancelling the scan once it reached the 500 GB point of the drive. His scan finished in about 5-6 hours and he was thrilled that he was going to be able to complete the scan without having to wait for too long. By the end of the day he had completed the file recovery and was very impressed by Data Rescue 3 Mac Recovery Software for it’s usefulness and additional options.