Today I spoke with a customer who was reporting that Data Backup 3 would not complete a clone backup set that was running for a long time but now recently was not finishing. The backups had been running fine for many months, but recently it would get stuck on his iPhoto library. After getting some more information, I found out the backup set was programmed with missing items “Leave” option, which basically means anything deleted off the source drive remains on the destination drive. This lets you delete items from your computer with more confidence, since you will still have the files kept on your backup drive (in case you accidentally delete something).

With this set up as so, his destination drive was running out of space (since the drive was at almost capacity and therefore could not finish the backup). I worked with him to modify the current backup set to delete the files from destination drive that were deleted off the source. I showed how to save these settings by selecting file and save as. He was happy for the advice and help. I also showed him how to startup his Mac with his clone drive and he thought this was a great feature.