Data Rescue PC3 the best data recovery software for Windows™

Data Rescue PC 3 is award-winning hard drive recovery software for Windows.  It won Editor’s Choice by PC Magazine last year as well as other numerous awards.  It is your best option for hard drive recovery from a hard drive that has crashed, accidentally been reformatted, corrupted by a virus or other types of malware.

How to recover deleted files

It happens all the time.  If you have deleted files and need to recover them you can use this boot CD to run a Scan with Data Rescue PC 3 without installing it on the hard drive and prevent further data loss. If your PC is not booting up, this disc can help you recover your important files off the drive. This disc will boot pretty much any PC .

How to recover data from a crashed hard drive

Data Rescue PC3 is a easy to use and a safe option for “DIY” hard drive recovery.  Data Rescue PC3 can be downloaded easily to create a disc and run.  If you have problems with a crashed PC hard drive and need data from the drive use the steps outlined below to create a bootable CD to boot your PC and recover your data.

Steps to creating a bootable hard drive

This would become necessary if your main hard drive is no longer accessible due to a virus or computer crash.  Following the steps outlined in this how-to-guide. This CD will boot up your computer and then allow you to scan your internal boot drive and choose which files you would like to recover to a secondary had drive.

Try the free trial version or contact our support team if you need further assistance.