Today I spoke with a customer who had a hard drive that was failing on his iMac and he wanted to recover the data from the iMac. He called because he could not go any further with Data Rescue 3 than Step 1 and it turned out that his iMac’s hard drive was crashing. He then hooked up the iMac to a newer Mac using a FireWire cable and started it in Target Disk Mode. I worked with him running a clone on the boot drive of the iMac to the new iMac’s desktop as a disk image. This is a lengthy process, as the clone copies data from the hard drive disk that is failing and makes a .dmg file (which is compressed) and puts it onto the destination hard drive. After the clone finished, I then helped him run a Deep Scan on the disk image and he was able to retrieve the data from the Reconstructed Files folder in the Scan Results.