I spoke with a Mac user who is a photographer/journalist. He obviously travels a lot and while traveling, he takes a lot of pictures which he then downloads to his MacBook Pro. He had a question about using Data Backup 3 to run backups from his MacBook Pro to 2 external drives in 2 different locations. The backups that he was doing at the present time were not working because of some corruption on the backup drives. I advised him to set up new backup sets and use a new volume so the backups can be executed without errors. I then advised about setting up 2-3 different backups so that they run automatically and he does not have to initiate each backup when he comes back home. He questioned me about the schedule because he did not know when he will be home to do the backups. I then told him about this great feature that Data Backup 3 can schedule a backup at the appearance of a destination drive or volume. What this feature does is start your backup whenever a certain drive or volume is mounted. So whenever he got home and plugged in his drives, they would be recognized and the backup would occur. I assisted him in setting that up on 3 of his backups with new settings.
He was happy that this feature relieved him of personally triggering each backup to start and then finish. He was really happy that i had resolved this stressful situation as his work can now be saved and not lost due to hard drive failure or some other mishap.