Today I helped a customer recover data using Data Rescue 3 after he accidentally erased his Macintosh hard drive volume while troubleshooting issues with his computer. He was having problems with performance so he wanted to erase the drive and then do a clean install of Mac OS X.  After the clean install he realized that he had not updated his backup recently and was missing a lot of documents and images from the past few months. After some research he came across Data Rescue 3 and contacted us to see if this product would help him.

Link to free trial He tried the demo of Mac file recovery software from Prosoft

I guided him in downloading the demo and running the Deep Scan which is the scan you will want to run if you erase an entire drive/volume. He contacted me later in the day when the scan finished and I explained to him how to find his files in the Reconstructed Files folder of the Scan Results. After he purchased and activated his copy he was able to recover all of his data to his external drive. He was very happy that his recovery attempt was successfully and thankful for the help getting started when he was not sure what to do.

Try before you buy with the demo version of Data Rescue 3 free trial or check out our special offers or to purchase and download immediately Data Rescue 3 directly from our website.