Today I helped a customer that was in need of data recovery software.  He had a problem with his Mac hard drive that was no longer mounting and he had all his important information that was not backed up.  He decided to download and try the free demo version of Data Rescue 3 for Mac.  He was going to see if he could recover his files on his own.

Using Data Rescue for Mac

The customer explained he started the Deep Scan, but then it failed immediately stating  it was “unable to find any files” so he was not sure what to do.  He was glad to have the option to contact Prosoft’s FREE technical support team for further assistance.

Reverse Clone

One of the unique features of Data Rescue 3 is Reverse Clone.  I was able to help him start a Reverse Clone of his hard drive.  The purpose of the clone is to help overcome any slow reads or possible hardware failures that exist on the original Mac hard drive. When the clone finished he was able to successfully run a Deep Scan on the clone and then recovered his data to another drive.  He was very happy to have recovered his files using Data Rescue 3 for Mac.  In the future he was going to make sure to backup his files using our Mac backup software…Data Backup 3.

Self-help Tutorials

Prosoft is continually updating and creating self-guided tutorials on the most popular “how-tos” using our data recovery and disk utilities.  If you don’t find what you are looking for or need further assistance we encourage you to contact our Free tech support team at 925-426-6306.  Or download the free trial version of Data Rescue 3.

Reverse Clone Steps