Accidentally deleting all data or pictures does not have to mean disaster. Files are often recoverable. A company that has been helping people retrieve lost content since 1985 is Prosoft Engineering. The company’s engineers originally contracted work with Apple’s developers, and licensed technologies to Apple such as disk utilities, plug-and-play drivers and disk image mounting. Today Prosoft Engineering can provide individuals and small businesses with affordable recovery software that even beginning or intermediate computer users can understand and operate. Their products can be used for Mac hard drive recovery or PCs. Data Rescue 3 is the name of the Mac emergency data recovery software. This Mac data recovery software does deal with data recovery rather than hard drive repair, unlike other products. It is never a good idea to try to repair a hard drive before recovering valuable files. Data Rescue PC3 is sold for computers other than the Mac. These software packages are very effective because there are two methods of scanning for deleted files. Data Rescue 3 is therefore more efficient and can be used more universally than other options.

The programs will search for hundreds of file types, or there is a feature that enables the user to search for new file types by supplying samples. Files on reformatted hard drives can even be retrieved. These programs can also work when a hard drive will not boot or mount. Technical support is available either by phone or email for no charge. Prosoft Engineering’s technology works even when other programs have not succeeded. Digital pictures, whole drives or select files can be recovered. Even movies and music or any type of digital camera media can be retrieved. File loss due to a crashed hard drive, virus-infected computer or deletion does not have to be gone forever. Prosoft Engineering can help with any emergency data recovery.