. Trillions of files go missing every year and most of the victims will search for some way to recover their data. Missing computer data causes emotional trauma, financial disaster and major inconveniences. We offer excellent data recovery software choices on our Prosoft Engineering website, such as Data Rescue 3 for Mac and Data Rescue PC3 for Windows®.

Today I want to clear up some common misconceptions concerning hard drive data recovery and recovery software. Additionally, I want to give you some quick tools to use when choosing a recovery program. Let’s begin with a quick overview of data loss. Files disappear in various ways:

· Accidental deletion is a common way files become lost. Formatting a hard drive or media card causes a mass exodus of data; even so, these files can often be retrieved. · Logical drive failure is another way that computer files can go missing. This is normally caused by an operating system file corruption issue, or a computer virus or hacker attack. · When an electrical, electronic or mechanical component of the drive has failed, the data on the drive is not accessible.

The first two cases are often solved by using recovery software. Physical drive failure recoveries are performed by recovery engineers in a professional lab.

Be wary of recovery software that touts itself as free. It’s often a demo version or a limited edition. You may be asked to purchase the full version to actually recover your files. A software company should offer a demo version so you can try before you buy; however, they need to be forthright about it.

Additionally, a bootable disk provides a non-destructive environment for recovery. Our software includes that in the price. However, some companies only offer it as an add-on for an additional fee.