Apple’s iCloud service offers multiple iOS device users a way to seamlessly sync information among all their devices as well as their Mac or PC. Through iCloud, you can sync all your contacts, bookmarks, documents, notes and device settings. iCloud Requirements iCloud syncs with iCall for OS X and Outlook if you’re a PC user. iOS devices have to have Lion installed; Snow Leopard does not support iCloud. If you’re using OS X, set up iCloud by opening your System Preferences and selecting iCloud. If you’re a PC user, you’ll need to download the iCloud Control Panel. Set it and Forget it Once you have iCloud installed, it runs in the background, automatically syncing all your important device information. From now on, if you make a note to buy some new Mustang parts and accessories in Outlook, the note will sync to your iPad and iPhone. Backup Options Your iCloud account comes with 5 GB of cloud storage. Users can still back up iOS devices to their computers, but now have the option of backing up in the cloud. The first 5 GB is free, with every additional 10 GB costing $20 a year. Apple doesn’t believe most people will need more than 5 GB of cloud storage, and the company may be right. Storage-filling files such as apps, iTunes music, eBooks and Photo Stream images don’t count towards the 5 GB limit, leaving users plenty of room for device information, apps, ringtones and documents. All app, music, and book purchases are backed up to iCloud. This is a great option: in the event of data loss, you can use the backup to replace all your media and apps without having to repurchase them. Storing device information in the cloud also makes it easier to transfer information to new devices, or restore existing devices to your preferred settings. Easy Backup If you decide to backup to a computer, iOS devices must be plugged into the computer. Backing up to the cloud service, however, occurs whenever a plugged-in device is on standby with access to a Wi-Fi connection. All your backups can occur while the device charges. Third-Party iCloud Access Third-party apps may also be able to sync information to your iCloud. For instance, a game could sync your progress to all devices, so you could save game progression on one device and pick up where you left off on a second device. Do You Need iCloud? People who regularly switch between multiple iOS devices will find iCloud’s ability to sync automatically extremely valuable. People who only use a single portable iOS device and a computer may still find the service useful, especially if they want the added insurance of cloud-based backups for their settings.