Are you faced with computer data loss? Perhaps you’ve just deleted a file that you still need? Worse yet, maybe you have a crashed hard drive and you’re afraid you’ve lost everything. Most likely your next step is to start searching the internet for hard drive recovery software to recovery your data. After doing a search you will end up with an overwhelming amount of choices for hard drive recovery software, ranging from free software to software costing hundreds of dollars. So what is the best choice to get your data back?

Why you should not to choose FREE hard drive recovery software

Free Data Recovery software that is actually authentic and legit is very hard to come by. If you trust these supposedly “free” recovery programs, be very cautious!

Usually the “free” software is bait for just a free trial, they do not tell you that you must pay for software to do an actual recovery.

“Free” hard drive recovery software may do more harm than good. The software may actually cause further damage within the hard drive and cause your data to be permanently unrecoverable.

Why hard drive recovery software you pay for is best

The best choices for hard drive recovery software are the ones that offer a free trial or demo version of the software so you can “try it before you buy it”. A good trial version of hard drive recovery software will offer you the full version of the software, but just be limited on the actual recovery. Some software demos will even give you the ability to recover a few of your files, and then you can proceed to purchase the full retail version and complete your recovery.

Other benefits of paying for hard drive recovery software

Another important benefit of paying for software is that you actually have a company behind the software. With that there is better engineering, product development and support. A top-notch company will offer you support and be able to assist you with using the software.

Why is Data Rescue is the best choice for recovery software?

Prosoft Engineering’s Data Rescue for Mac & PC is award-winning and highly rated data recovery software (5 star reviews on Apple’s Online Store and Prosoft offers a FREE downloadable demo of Data Rescue (which is the full version, just limited on the recovery) to ensure our customers know exactly what they may be purchasing. We also provide free pre and post technical support via phone or email from our California based headquarters.

Please visit our website to read the reviews, check out our awards or try the free demo version of our software.