I spoke with a customer who was trying to recover data from a external hard drive on a PC. The external hard drive in question was not connecting to the PC and therefore needed data recovery to copy the data from the drive. He heard about Data Rescue PC 3 and wanted to know how to use it to recover data from his external drive. I helped him download the .zip file for demo of Data Rescue PC 3. After the download finished he unzipped the file and then burned a bootable disc for his PC. After the disc was made he installed Data Rescue PC 3 to his internal hard drive in the PC. He then started a scan on the external hard drive. After the scan finished Data Rescue PC 3 asked if he wanted to save the scan. He saved the scan to the desktop of his PC. Then he was able to look at the scan results. He saw some of the files he was looking for in the scan results. He purchased Data Rescue PC 3 and activated it then checked marked his folders and then recovered the files to another external hard drive.