There are a lot of Google searches for computer recovery software or data recovery software and many times people are looking for free software to recover their computer. Yes, the idea of getting something for free is appealing to everyone but you really have to take a step back and ask “What am I really going to get with Free Computer Recovery Software?”

When your computer crashes or your hard drive isn’t mounting, you can be in a pretty stressful state… Your pictures, music and other important computer files are all in limbo and you’re freaking out of the potential scenario of you actually losing all your files…. Of course you don’t have a backup (hey, we’re all guilty of that), and your files are now in a precarious state… Your computer isn’t functioning properly and those files are waiting on you to make a decision that may or may not bring them back.

Whatever you do at this point, I recommend that you take a few minutes to think about the situation. Acting too hastily can be extremely dangerous. Ask yourself these quick questions:

1) How important are the files I’m trying to recover? Are they priceless pictures of my family, etc?

I’ve been in the computer recovery field for over a decade and I constantly hear people say that they are extremely worried about losing all their digital pictures (family pics seemingly being the most important for most people). For years now, we’ve all taken ONLY digital pictures which we store on our computer… We don’t have negatives or printed copies, we only have the digital files… No one I know could ever think about losing 5-10 years worth of pictures. It’s even more important now it seems, since we take so many more pictures now than we did back in the days of film. I have maybe 24-48 pictures in TOTAL for some years of my life, looking back at photo albums. To be honest, there are some gaps in my childhood where I can only find one single picture from that year (my school photo). That has changed so much now with digital cameras and good quality cameras via our smartphones. Nowadays I can take 200+ pictures in a single month (having young children can multiply those picture counts even higher).

So yes, I would be completely crushed if somehow I lost all the pictures of my friends and family from the past 5-10 years.. Completely devastated is about as close as I can rate how I’d feel… Everything else in my life is replaceable, but pictures, which are cliff notes to my memories, are priceless to me.

2) How worried are you about computer virus’, malware, etc?

For some of us, we don’t think about it too much.. We have some virus software we think is up to date but to be honest, we just click those things closed when they pop up.. maybe they’re up to date, maybe not.. Who knows, right? Well this is important to note because virus’ are not something you download from a website called or Virus’ are given to you in various ways.. You want to get this great new movie without having to buy it? Yeah, just click here and we’ll load it onto your computer!— That is, people who want to get their virus out to the world are looking at ways to trick you into downloading them and installing them… That’s reason #1 to be very careful when you download ANY software online, but even moreso when you’re downloading something as crucial as computer recovery software… By searching online for Computer Recovery Software or hard drive recovery software, you’ve already raised a huge sign that tells people “Hey, I have no backup for my computer and I’m desperate to get my precious files back!”—- It’s akin to walking into a bad part of town with a sign saying, “I just cashed my check and am carrying my cash in my back pocket!”– Your Google results will now show you the top hits for your search topic.. Some are good companies with good recovery software but others are indeed scams, trick or in worst cases, can even be virus downloads…. A good company is spending money on product development, a technical support team, and other pieces that make it a viable solution for you.. lists how to tips, what to do BEFORE you download,etc… We spend each and every working day making our products better, listening to customers, fine tuning, etc.. We also spend money on marketing and trying to rank higher in Google too… What do we compete with? We compete with a lot of “free recovery software” scams.. They rank high in Google because people really want to fix their issue without spending money, so people search for free recovery software all the time.. And the scammers and virus authors know this.. They also know that your computer isn’t backed up (you wouldn’t search for computer recovery software if it was, you’d just revert back to your backup). They also know that in your current situation, you’re likely to be stressed and might take risks or not look into the decision you’re making as you’re wanting to recover your computer files as soon as you can (many times before your wife or husband finds out that, “Yikes, I might’ve done something stupid and lost everything on the computer!”).

So please be very careful about what you download from the internet. Ask yourself, can a company or individual really produce, improve, support and fine tune a computer recovery software product if he or she is really giving it away for free?

3) Beware of fraudulent companies, many of which are overseas in China or Russia or India.

There is nothing wrong with a company just because it’s based in another country other than yours. What I do believe IS wrong is when a company isn’t up front about that. I feel that every company selling something has an obligation to give you some basic information about themselves:

Where is the company located? If a company won’t give you a street address of their headquarters, I think they are hiding from something. They want to make it hard for you to contact them for some reason. If the company has nothing to hide, they wouldn’t do that.. Prosoft Engineering gives you our actual street address, a picture of our building, information on our management team including their actual names, phone numbers to our office, phone numbers to our support team. We want to hear from you. We have nothing to hide…

Many companies are popping up online now that are not as open about their business. Many have email support only, they don’t list any actual address.

Beware of the following when dealing with any company online:

1) Companies that do not list any street address- That’s just a simple gut-check.. They are hiding from something if they don’t want you to know their corporate address for some reason. Take your business elsewhere, there are plenty of options.

2) If they do list an address, use Google to see if it’s legit! – Crazy to say this but I have seen companies that do list an address (sometimes they even list multiple addresses and when you google the address you find many other businesses with that same address. Why is that? It’s because they’ve “purchased” business addresses from services that provide that.. As a business, you can buy a street address which is shared with up to 40-50 other “companies”– It is a real address in a real building (many times a large corporate multi-story building.. When you visit that address, it’s a small office with a receptionist who accepts mail for all those paying companies (forwarding the mail to the hidden address the customers don’t know about).

I’ve also googled other addresses and found that the corporate address given on a website might just be some tiny office in a bad part of town (or even someone’s home).. Ask yourself if you want to trust your precious computer files/pictures to a company running out of such a set up…

3) Awards and reviews: I’ve seen companies sprout up out of nowhere and they have amazing awards logos on their site from all the major US and European computer magazines… However they simply stole the logos from the magazine website and posted them. I’ve turned some of those fraudulent companies into the magazines only to find out that the companies are based in China or some other country which makes any sort of legal action impossible for the magazines.. So those fraudulent companies are able to steal whatever awards logos they want and claim whatever because they’re based somewhere where they don’t have to worry about any lawsuit.

I’ve also been approached by more than a few companies who offer to sell me and my company the following: online reviews, Tweets, Twitter Followers, Facebook Likes, Facebook Friends, etc..— As some of these fraudulent companies are growing, they want to trick customers into buying their software by making it seem like their software has a huge following.. As a consumer, you’d feel better about a company and it’s product if they had a ton of good reviews and Facebook followers right? So they just go out and buy them… Prosoft Engineering has a ton of real reviews on as well as and other websites. We do not pay for any reviews nor do we make them up ourselves. We do ask our customers to post their experiences with our software and our support team so that others can hear about us-

If you are searching for free computer recovery software please assess the dangers in dealing with any unknown company or software/download from the internet.

If you are looking to buy computer recovery software, then here are some quick steps to follow to help make sure you’re getting a top quality software product from a reputable company.

1) Go to the company’s website. See if they list an address for their headquarters. If No, find another company to give your business to. If Yes, then google the address to see if other companies are listed under that same address. Also, Google Map that address to see the building to make sure it isn’t some shed behind a barn….

2) Call the company. Talk to a real person. Ask them if they work in the home office or if they are working at an outsourced call center company. Ask where they are located. Tell them you’re not far away and would it be ok to just drive to their office to buy the software.. Yes, we’ve actually had people local to us do just that.. There’s no reason we wouldn’t love to see some of our customers in person, come on by…

3) Only download software from a known developer. Don’t just go blindly searching for software online, willing to download it and install it, not knowing if it really is “free computer recovery software” or if it’s some virus or trojan horse…

I hope these tips can help some consumers who are looking for free computer recovery software or low cost computer recovery software.. I’m biased of course, but I’m sure you can agree with me that there are many concerns and dangers in dealing with unknown software companies or companies purporting to give you free recovery software. That just doesn’t make sense and no business can sustain itself without some sort of revenue (not to mention the virus authors who are hoping you might download their malware in your attempt to recover your computer files for free.

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