SD cards can be a cheap and convenient way to backup your Mac. With most current Mac laptops shipping with built-in SD card slots, you can quickly add a storage device that doesn’t take up a lot of space or weight in your laptop bag.

Currently you can buy high capacity SD media for around a $1.00 a GB. Which means for around $65.00 you can have a 64 GB storage device attached to your Mac at all times for backing up important docs and pictures. I wouldn’t say this would be your only backup strategy, but for users who simply do not backup on a regular basis, this is a relatively cheap and easy way to start backing up with minimal investment. You may even have an extra SD card in a desk drawer that could be used. The advantage of an SD card over the USB devices is its simplicity and the fact its tucked away and always attached. If you storage device is not connected to your Mac on a regular basis, chances are your not backing up often or as much as you should.

You can also use these storage devices as a Mac startup disk device using Data Backup 3 or by installing Snow Leopard or Lion directly to them. This is a great way to create a recovery , diagnostics utility in case you have to run repairs on your internal hard drive. Once you load Mac OS X on the SD Card you can install other useful applications like Data Rescue 3 for emergency recovery or Drive Genius 3 to keep your internal drive optimized at all times.

The next time you see a great deal on a 32GB or 64GB SD card, consider buying one for a preventive maintenance project that could save your docs, iPhoto or iTunes content and Apple Mail someday.

Prosoft Engineering Support offers free How-to’s for creating a clone backup and installing Lion onto an external hard drive with step by step instructions.

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