You never know you need a good file recovery software or data recovery service until it’s too late. All of the pictures of your family, important financial documents, crucial business files and many other types of data reside on your computer’s hard drive. Your hard drive has more files on it than your local library has book. It’s chocked full of everything and it’s not until you’ve suffered a hard drive emergency do you actually realize just how valuable those files are to you.

Types of file loss

There are two types of hard drive emergencies that can occur, and each requires a different method to get you back up and running.

For A Logically Failed Hard Drive You Need A File Recovery Software

This is where the hard drive is physically working ok (spins fine, etc.) but the data on the drive is not accessible because the internal directory is corrupted. This is something a file recovery software can fix easily.

A quick breakdown of a logical problem to your drive is easier to understand if you compare your hard drive’s directory to a store directory at your local shopping mall. A mall store directory keeps a map of where all the stores (files) are located and what’s next to them, etc. Well the directory on your hard drive is trying to keep track of hundreds of thousands of files, many of which are actively moving, deleting and appearing, all at the same time. There’s no wonder drives can fail at some point.

Best Choice For A File Recovery Software

PC recovery software like Data Rescue PC3 or a Mac data recovery software from Prosoft Engineering.  It’s the highest-rated data recovery software on Amazon and it’s won numerous awards for getting back files that no other software can find. It’s been around for over 10 years and has helped hundreds of thousands of customers in need of file recovery for either Mac or PC.

For A Physically Damaged Drive You Need A Data Recovery Service

The other hard drive emergency is the dreaded “physically failed” hard drive.. That’s where your hard drive has an issue internally and it’s not even spinning. In this case, you may here a scratching sound (not good) or grinding or beeping or maybe nothing at all.. Hard drives may have been damaged in a flood or hurricane, dropped or jostled or may have suffered the failure just due to wearing out. In these scenarios, no software will be able to help you get the data back. You’re going to need to call in the experts for this one. Searching for a hard drive recovery service online can be daunting as they are expensive. One thing to absolutely require from whomever you choose is a Class 100 Cleanroom (a Class 10 cleanroom is even better). This ensures that your hard drive is opened up a dust and particle free environment, required by the hard drive manufacturers. A technician will make the necessary repairs (much like a surgeon operating) to get your hard drive back up to a state where files can be copied off of it. It’s no easy task and the tools and facility to perform this work is indeed expensive.

Best Choice For Data Recovery Service

The Data Rescue Center in Livermore, California touts one of the newest, cleanest and most secure facilities in the world:

With an industry-leading Class 10 cleanroom, and the only Class 2 UL Listed Vault (to store your hard drive in when it’s not being worked on), The Data Rescue Center has been winning awards in the industry such as Best in Silicon Valley.

When searching for a hard drive recovery company make sure they have the following:

  • Class 100 Cleanroom (Class 10 is even better): If they don’t have a picture of their’s on their website, then they likely don’t have one.
  • One location: A new trend for recovery companies is to post 20-30 locations around the country. In reality they are simply posting virtual offices (you can buy addresses for $10 a month). Some of these companies are really just sending your computer hard drive overseas and are acting like the middleman. Pricing is higher and there is no way to tell who is going to be getting access to all your personal and financial files.
  • Security: Make sure the company has sufficient security in place. Many computer labs are broken into (thieves looking for laptops and computer equipment they can sell). A vault where all customer hard drives are stored offers the best protection.
  • Background checks: With all those files on your hard drive, the last thing you want to do it send it to someone who might have ulterior motives. Make sure each employee is required to do a background check.
  • Location: Stay away from companies that use stock photos of their lab. Also, google their address and make sure it’s not just a virtual office they’ve purchased. Companies that play that game should not be trusted.

File Loss Happens

It is difficult to know exactly when a data loss situation will present itself, and when it does it’s great to be knowledgable about what to do next.

Just remember, if the hard drive itself has not been damaged or compromised in any way, you need to get yourself a downloadable copy of the Data Rescue file recovery software.

If you have found that your hard drive has been damaged in some way its best to call The Data Rescue Center to have it checked out immediately, you can be losing more and more data every minute the broken drive is running.