Prosoft Engineering has been in business since 1985. We’re based in California, near Silicon Valley– Check out our About Us page to see more company history and read up on where we came from and how we got there—

We put a lot of hard work into the total package.. Investing in top-notch engineers and designers who churn out best-in-class products… We also have our technical support team sitting right in our home office… That’s much more expensive than sending it out overseas, but we feel that not only does internal/on-site technical support give our customers the best level of service, it also puts our engineers and management in better connection to the issues that are in support (making it easier for us to refine and improve the products in the process).

After many years of this, we’ve really put together some top-awarded products… It’s with great pride that we list the awards on our site, giving you the dates awarded, etc….

So you can imagine how upsetting it is to see a new breed of “companies” coming into the market… Companies that post fake reviews they’ve never received…These companies are typically based in China or India and have numerous fake award logos on their pages… In writing to the magazines about the illegal use of their logos, we found that they are unable to really do anything about these companies using fake reviews in their name, since they are overseas, protected somewhat by a lack of accountability in enforcement.

So, it’s become ever-so-important for you, the consumer, to really check out the company before you buy their product.. Here’s a simple checklist to follow:

1) Click About Us on their website.. Is it just generic pictures and a generic story about the company? If yes, then avoid them…

2) Does the company have a phone number you can call? Call the number, see how professional the company sounds-

3) Does the company list an actual street address? If yes, google maps it— See if it’s just someone’s home address…

4) Check into the reviews– Go to the magazine website and search on the product name to see if they ever did receive the awards..

5) Check other sources: Amazon and Apple Store customer reviews…