Recently it surfaced that these failing Seagate hard drives have been linked to a class-action suit filed against Seagate, alleging that their 3TB hard drives are much more prone to failure than advertised, with abnormally high failure rates in comparison to other manufacturers.  If you have a failing Seagate hard drive you may want to investigate your options to getting your data back.

Hard drives have a limited lifespan

Regardless of which manufacturer, all hard drives do have an estimated life span and will inevitably fail. A failing Seagate hard drive is one of the main reasons that having a backup in place is so important. Software such as Prosoft Engineering’s Data Backup simplifies this process and makes it easy to maintain a regular backup, mitigating potential data loss.

Save your data with data recovery software

If you are unfortunate enough to have a hard drive begin to fail, the data can be recovered using data recovery software such as Data Rescue. Taking the failing hard drive and cloning the data from the first drive to a healthy second drive. Once the data is moved to this second drive, it can be scanned and recovered using Data Rescue recovery software. This process minimizes the time that the problem drive needs to be connected, preventing further damage.

Last option is a data recovery service

If the drive failure is more severe and physical damage has occurred software may not be sufficient and a recovery lab service such as The Data Rescue Center would be necessary to recover the data. In those situations, technicians will open the hard drive in a cleanroom environment to assess what parts may be failing. Donor parts are then transplanted in to get the drive repaired to the extent that the data can be extracted to another healthy drive.

Failing Seagate hard drive options

Whether you have a failing Seagate hard drive, or a drive from any other manufacturer, software from Prosoft Engineering and services from The Data Rescue Center can help recover your data fast, affordably and safely.

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