I had the privilege of helping a customer who was using Data Rescue PC 3 for the first time as most users, to recover data from his failed pogo plug drive.  I did not know what a Pogo Plug drive was, but after I looked it up, I found out that it takes a regular hard drive and makes it accessible over the internet to share data like cloud storage.  He had seen what were early signs of hard drive failure when a colleague of his was loading data on to the drive and took a long time to do so.  He thought it was because of a slow internet connection.  Then when he got to his house he was trying to connect to the drive and could not.

Data Rescue PC 3 to the Rescue

He called Pogo Plug and they told him about Prosoft’s data recovery software-Data Rescue PC 3.  I helped him clone the drive first as the drive was getting slow reads and drive failure warnings on the scan.  After the clone finished he scanned the drive and then saw the scan results.  He had found a lot of data.  The drive was a 1Tb drive with 400Gb of data on it.  He was happy with the results and called me back to tell me that he was able to successfully recover his files.

Powerful Computer Data Recovery Software!

  • State-of-the-art Data Recovery algorithms refined over 10 years by professional data recovery service engineers.
  • Included Operating System is specially tuned for hard drive data recovery.
  • File Recovery to any external USB or FireWire hard drive.
  • Advanced search and filtering options to help you find your files fast.
  • Revolutionary, color-coded file disposition indicator alerts you of the likelihood of file corruption.
  • Detailed reports for files, folders, and file system component changes.
  • Plug-n-play - attach your external drive at any time in the data recovery process without rebooting.