Today I helped a customer who had an external hard drive that was accidentally erased in Disk Utility. He had two external drives that were identical models and he chose the wrong drive to erase. He thought all of his documents, pictures, and music from this drive were now lost but a friend referred him to Data Rescue 3 for Mac. He contact support for assistance in getting started and we guided him to starting a Deep Scan, which is the scan you would want to run if your entire drive/volume was erased or reformatted.

When the scan finished he called back for some help going through his scan results. I walked him through how to navigate the results and how to mark files for recovery. He marked the files and folders that he wanted to recover and then was able to recover them to another drive. He was then able to go through the files that he recovered and find his important documents, pictures, and music files. He was very happy with the results of the recovery using Data Rescue 3 and was glad that we were able to help him through each of the steps.  Try the demo version of Data Rescue 3 for free or check out the specials.