Drive Genius Compatibility and Mavericks

Last week Apple released Mavericks for free, making the decision to upgrade much easier for most Mac users.  Along with a host of new features and security improvements, Mavericks also introduced some new changes that affect users…

Live Defrag and Mavericks

As a result of some of changes that Apple made in Mavericks, the Live Defrag function in Drive Genius 3 does not work how it was originally designed.  Have no fear, there is an easy way to defrag your Main HD with Drive Genius 3.  Below you’ll find details on defragging your main boot drive, aka startup drive or Main HD.

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Use Drive Genius 3 to Defrag Your Boot Drive  with Mavericks

In order to defrag your boot drive (when running Mavericks), you will need to boot from a secondary startup disk.. Whoa, that sounds like a pain, right? It’s not really.. In fact, we’ve made the process pretty easy.. And you end up with an emergency bootable startup disk, which is always good to have around…  Just follow the steps listed below!  (If you have an older Mac from March 2011 or older, you may be able to just boot from the Drive Genius 3 boot DVD). Booting from a DVD is much slower than booting from a secondary drive-

Creating a Startup Drive:

Mavericks startup disk.

Lion startup disk.

Mountain Lion startup disk.

 Defrag and speed up your Mac

Defragging your internal Mac HD with Prosoft’s Drive Genius 3 can speed up your boot times and improve application and file access overall.

Over time, adding and deleting files to and from your hard drive will cause the drive to become fragmented.  Every time a file is saved the OS writes the file to the open space and eventually, pieces of the file are saved to different locations, thus slowing down the time to access the files.  Drive Genius 3 puts all the pieces of the file into one continuous block and improves the speed and performance of your Mac.  Here is a great article from The Mac Observer, where they explain the reasoning on why to defragment your Mac.

As mentioned above, if you have an older Mac, you can use Apple’s bootable DVD option.. Support for that was stopped back in March of 2011 by Apple, so you can only use this option if you have a Mac from March 2011 or OLDER.. If you do, then you can use your Drive Genius 3 DVD or create a new one following these steps:

Steps to create the DVD and startup disk

Below are instructions on how to create the DVD and the startup disk: Here is the bootable .dmg file of Drive Genius 3 you will need to download: Burning a Drive Genius 3 DVD: The bootable DVD image must be burnt onto a blank DVD-R.
1. Download the Drive Genius 3 DVD disk image from the link that is given above.
2. Open Apple’s Disk Utility (located in Mac HD/Applications/Utilities).
3. Click on the “Burn” icon on the top left corner of the Disk Utility window.
4. An “Open” prompt will appear. Locate and select the “Drive_Genius_3.2.2_US_DVD.dmg” file and select “Burn”.
5. A burn prompt will appear asking to insert a blank DVD-R. Insert the Blank DVD-R and select a burn speed below 6x speed.
Press the “Burn” button to begin the writing process to the DVD.
Tip : Lowering the burn speed to the lowest setting will take longer to burn but creates DVD’s more consistently the first time around.