I spoke with a customer regarding Drive Genius 3 Defrag. He was trying to create a startup disk for his Mac in order to do the Defrag. He did not know about Drive Genius 3 and the LiveDefrag, he had always done his Defrag himself by using a startup disk. I sent him the steps for burning and creating a disk for using as a startup option for his Mac. I also told him about Drive Genius 3 and the LiveDefrag option. Drive Genius 3 allows you to Defrag the internal boot drive of the Mac by just choosing and selecting Defrag. After you hit start for the Defrag, Drive Genius 3 will ask you if you want to check the disk and then start the Defrag. Once you make your selection then Drive Genius 3 restarts in a minimal environment and does a repair first then runs the defrag. The defrag shows the percentage of the defrag and when it’s completed restarts the computer back into Mac OS X and this is all done without the need of a startup disk.  Check out Drive Genius 3's demo or specials.