I spoke with a customer who had purchased a MacBook Pro.  He was inquiring about Drive Genius 3 and how that might help him speed up his Mac and get the most out of his MacBook. I explained to him that Drive Genius 3 has DrivePulse as one of the tools which keeps track of permissions, system integrity, volume fragmentation and overall condition of all hard drives attached.  There is not a built in utility in Mac OS X that will warn you when you have corrupted files/directory or other issues with your hard drives.  DrivePulse is an excellent early warning system to alert you to any impending issues which, if left unattended, could cause major computer problems.

Another other important tool within Drive Genius 3 is DriveSlim, which allows you to remove duplicate files, unnecessary large files as well as other unused files from your system to free up space. Drive Genius 3 suite of tools that keeps your new MacBook Pro running good while warning you of any possible issues. He decided to purchase the program to maintain his MacBook Pro.

Speed up, clean up and optimize your hard drive with Drive Genius 3.  Check out Drive Genius 3′s demo or specials.