Drive Genius 3 is widely known for its defragging and repair tools, but it has a great clone tool built in called “ Duplicate “. This is extremely useful for VMware or Parallels users to have the ability to make an exact copy of their boot drive. The advantage with Drive Genius 3 is it’s ability to clone a Mac with Apple’s “Bootcamp” or VMware. Typically you would have to use a separate clone tool for either a Mac or Windows specifically for each partition.

With an extra hard drive or a larger storage device, a user could create multiple disk images of complete installs of Mac OS X and Windows operating systems. If you wanted to upgrade to a larger hard drive these disk images could be used to archive complete workstations in digital form and be restored over andover again. This gives users a great deal of flexibility to create bootable backups and save valuable time in reloading operating systems, plugins, applications, and plugins.

The “Duplicate” tool can also be used to make disk images of your flash drives, external drives. This is one of many tools included with Drive Genius 3 and a complete list of all the features can be found here. Keep in mind that an alternative startup disk is required to boot from for most of the tools like repartition, repair, duplicate and scanning for bad blocks.