Drive Genius 3 is a great way to maintain, optimize and manage your Mac storage devices with step by step how-to guides. Recently Prosoft has added how-to guides for for many Drive Genius 3 features. Theses features include live defrag, repartition (resizing volumes) , duplicate (clone) and scanning for bad blocks. These new how-to’s with screen shots simplify many features for non-techies to use with ease and confidence.Historically hard drive utilities are not novice friendly and we understand this. This is why Prosoft Engineering wants to make it easier for you with these DIY how-to guides and not just point you towards the manual. If you do have questions you can always contact us Monday thru Friday 7:00am - 5:00pm PST. Our support team is ready to assist you every steps of the way if needed.

Drive Genius 3 Product Info Page

Live Defragmentation

Duplicate your Hard Drive


Scanning / Sparing Bad Blocks

Resizing your Hard Drive

Create a Lion Startup Disk

Creating a Bootable Clone