A great feature included in Drive Genius 3 is the email notifications which, when enabled, will send you an email when Drive Genius 3 finishes an operation while you are not at your computer. Today I worked with a customer who had been using the email notifications for a while to let him know when he had finished running a Defrag. Recently while he was away from his computer, he received a notification from Drive Genius 3 that DrivePulse had detected bad blocks. He was not sure what to do about bad blocks so he contacted support.

I explained to him that data on a hard drive is stored in a series of blocks. During normal operation every block of the data should be able to be written to and read from again. However, a hard drive can develop a problem where one or more blocks may loose storage capacity and become unreadable. I suggested that he backup his data and then guided him to Drive Genius 3’s Scan feature using “Spare Bad Blocks” which instructs the hard drive to dereference bad blocks so that they are no longer used. The Scan with “Spare Bad Blocks” completed successfully and he made sure to keep a complete back up of his data. He was very glad that Drive Genius 3 kept him notified so he could take action as soon as possible.

detective DrivePulse is able to scan for bad blocks on your Mac hard drive.