I corresponded with a customer regard his wife’s Mac Mini which was running slow. He was concerned and thought that the hard drive may be failing. He wanted to use Drive Genius 3 to figure out if his hard drive was failing. He was wondering if he should run an Integrity Check or a Scan in Drive Genius 3. I explained to him that the Integrity Check does a excellent job of testing the drives performance but the Scan is able to verify that every block on the drive is able to read and write data properly. After he ran the scan on the drive, he found out that the drive did not have any bad blocks and the problem was with some other hardware. I then advised him to take the Mac to the Apple Store to have the issue resolved since it was under warranty. He was concerned about the condition of his Mac hard drive and was glad he could use Drive Genius 3’s tools to help him look for and resolve any issues.