Today I spoke with a customer who has a MacBook Pro running Lion and Prosoft Engineering’s Drive Genius 3 for Mac Drive Utility software.

The DrivePulse® feature in Drive Genius 3 warns you when issues are found with your hard drive and he had a message from DrivePulse indicating there were errors on the internal drive of the MacBook Pro, and that he should repair the drive. He ran the Verify within Drive Genius 3 and Verify failed. He did not know what to do next and called Prosoft Engineerings Tech Support.

I worked with him on this issue and asked him to backup his drive first before proceeding. I then helped him burn a Drive Genius 3 boot DVD that he could use to boot the MacBook Pro. He was able to boot the MacBook Pro using the Drive Genius 3 DVD and then he ran the repair to fix the errors on the internal boot drive. He was glad that Drive Genius 3 warned him about this issue on his MacBook Pro’s hard drive and he was able to fix the error.