As we enter the New Year, you may have taken many family photos and movies over the holiday season. This is why its a great time to backup those images and movies so that there is an additional copy on a different drive. The reason I say this is, its a common misconception that if you store your files on a external or secondary drive, they are the backups. Well, this is true if your files happen to be on your Mac’s hard drive and the backup drive. However, if you have simply transferred your pictures and movies from your camera straight to your backup drive it is not the case.

The definition of the backup is, its the secondary copy. The source which is your SD or CF media on your camera is constantly reused and rewritten to. This is why transferring your images from your camera to your internal Mac HD drive is very important on a consistent basis. Once this is done, running a Time Machine backup or Data Backup 3 completes the process and your files are now on two separate drives.

You can test drive Data Backup 3 today for free and were even throwing in a “ How to Guide “ to create a bootable clone backup. This is a great way to backup all your files , apps and complete operating system. This type of backup is bootable and may be bootable on a similar Mac as well. This makes Data Backup 3 very versatile and a great alternative to Time Machine.

You can find the Data Backup 3 demo link and steps on to make a bootable clone from this link: /support/drivegenius3-bootable-clone.php

Happy New Year!