Digital Photography Industry

Over the past decade, the digital photography industry has changed rapidly from having to buy and develop film, to media cards that can hold thousands of images that are viewable within seconds.  The industry continues to improve digital cameras with amazing features and the software manufacturers develop software applications to edit and change images that go beyond what was ever thought possible.  With so many products flooding the market it is hard to stay current on everything and know what is a “must have” for digital photography.

Digital Picture Recovery Software a Must Have for Digital Photographers

As you are wrapping up your photoshoot for a wedding, family portraits or whatever the special occasion is, think about how virtually priceless these image you just captured are.  How prepared are you if something were to happen to the images?  What if they were accidentally erased, the card reformatted or there was some type of problem reading the media card?  It could potentially be devastating to your photography business and risk jeopardizing your customers’ priceless photos.  Your best line of defense and protection for yourself from these nightmares is to always have digital picture recovery software installed and ready in case these situations arise.

Why Picture Rescue 2 vs. other digital picture recovery applications?

Picture Rescue 2 is the most robust and easy-to-use digital picture recovery software on the market.  Prosoft just recently released version 2.0 and it has a new user interface that makes recovering digital photos and videos from accidental reformatting, deleting or card corruption as easy as 1, 2, 3. Picture Rescue 2 has a simple intuitive interface that provides you with a thumbnail preview of the actual photo or video prior to recovery.  It takes the guesswork out of trying to figure out what to recover.  It also sees more pictures than competing software products on the market.

Prosoft originally released Picture Rescue in 2004 and it was designed for the Mac, so the interface is as simple as drag and drop.  We continue to support and improve on all aspects of Picture Rescue to make it the best digital picture recovery software available.   The newly released version 2 has an identical user interface for the Mac and PC, using our new next-generation, cross platform data recovery engine.  It has won numerous awards for its ease of use and robust recovery ability. Engineered, supported and sold by us: Prosoft Engineering, a California based company..

Steps to recovery as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Check out the video or follow these easy step by step instructions for recovery:

Step 1:  Launch Picture Rescue 2

Select the camera card you want to recover pictures from. Then click on Scan at the bottom middle of the window to begin your Scan.

Step 2:  Completing the Scan

When the Scan is complete, you will see thumbnails of the images that were found in the Image Recovery Window.  You can select specific images for recovery or choose to Select All.

Step 3:  Recovering the Photos 

Now we can go back into Picture Rescue and click on recover and then select the folder for the recovered images. Once you have it selected, go ahead and click Choose and now the images will begin recovering to the location you selected.

When the recovery completes, your pictures will be in the folder you chose for your recovered images and now you can begin going through them.

Once you verify that you have recovered most if not all of the images that you want, you can start transferring the files back into your normal picture library.

If you have any questions, check out our website at or contact our support team.