Today I helped a customer that had deleted a mailbox from AppleMail and was hoping to recover it using Data Rescue 3.  She came across Data Rescue 3 after talking to an Apple support rep over the phone.  They mentioned Data Rescue 3 was great for recovering deleted Apple mail files.  When she went to our website she saw that we offered free technical support over the phone, so she decided to make that her first step.  She was very impressed and happy to speak with me once I had her on the call.

First Steps to Recovery

I guided her to starting a Deleted File Scan on her Macintosh HD. She did the scan and then contacted me when the scan had finished.   I helped her locate the AppleMail folder in the Scan Results.  Then she was able to mark the AppleMail folder and chose to recover the files to her external hard drive. When the recovery completed she was able to find the files on her external drive and then imported them back into AppleMail where she began to reorganize her mailboxes.  She was very relieved and happy to have the assistance.

 More about Deleted File Recovery

In OS X, when a file is deleted, and the trash is emptied, the file’s name and folder information is usually erased by the system, and is therefore irretrievably lost. However in most cases, the most important part of the file — its contents — are still present on the disk. The task of deleted file recovery requires algorithms that are tailored to each specific file type. Data Rescue 3 is the Mac industry’s best data recovery software and works when many other utilities fail.

Try the free demo to get a preview of the files that are recoverable or contact our technical support team for free assistance.