Today we are proud to celebrate and formally announce our recent Editor’s Choice Award from PC Magazine. This prestigious award goes to Data Rescue PC 3 for being a unique, powerful-yet-easy-to-use computer recovery solution. This is the same software that many computer repair shops will use if your hard drive crashes, becomes infected with malware or you’ve deleted files you need to get back.. Data Rescue PC 3 is used by professional IT departments, forensic specialists and every day home users. It’s easy enough for a first-time user, but powerful enough for the most demanding recovery specialists. With all this power and the daunting task of recovering precious computer files, it’s important that we’ve paired this award-winning computer recovery software with an equally important technical support department.

Too often customers purchase software at a low price from a good-looking website. What customers don’t realize is that many times the company is based in India or China, and their support options are extremely limited. Chat or email support isn’t really an option if your computer is crashed, and even if you have access to another computer, do you really want to wait 2-5 days for a short answer from support (and you have more questions anyways)? That’s why all Prosoft products come with LIVE phone call support (as well as email of course). By speaking with an actual support rep right on the phone, they can make sure you’re taken care of and all your questions are answered- All our support staff are based right in our California office, which is key for a few reasons:

1) Having our support team in our main office means they are connected to our engineering department- This means they can work with engineering to get issues fixed faster, get special builds out if needed, and generally improve the product on a faster pace

2) Our support team members are full time employees with full benefits and competitive salaries- This helps make sure that each support person you interact with is motivated to keep customers happy, see the company and products improve and provide professional level of service not seen any more in the support world..

3) Costs- Yes, it is more expensive to have a support team in California, full time with benefits, instead of just using some outsourced company in India, but we strongly believe that our support team provides the industry-best support. Go online, search around for Prosoft Support, you’ll see the reviews.

Prosoft is dedicated to engineering the best-quality software and pairing it with the industry’s best support team. We welcome you to our company,our group of products and the team that stands behind them-