I spoke with a customer who was looking for a Data Recovery program to recover her deleted Pages document. She had saved this document file on an external USB flash drive. She had been using it daily, modifing the file each time. She mistakenly deleted the file from the flash drive. This is when she found out about Data Rescue 3 for Mac.  She downloaded it and started running it, but she scanned the internal hard drive of the mac looking for this document file.  She was in demo mode of Data Rescue 3 and was not able to preview the file because she had used up all the a located previews (10 previews in demo mode).

I offered to activate the Extended Demo for her which then allowed her to recover an additional 10 files to further evaluate the demo. This time I suggested to run a Deep Scan on the USB flash drive where the document had previously been.  In the Scan Results she selected 10 files and recovered them. Then after the recovery she was able to open the documents with Pages. She then wanted to purchase the program and activate it and I walked her through activating Data Rescue 3 so she could recover the rest of her data. The Data Rescue 3 free demo only allows for 10 file previews and recovery of 1 file of 10 MB or less, but in some cases we are able to extend your demo to allow you to try recovering more files. If you would like more information about how to extend your demo, contact our Support team.