When choosing a data recovery application it’s a good idea to use one that has advanced tools for a variety of scenarios and great technical support. Computer Hard Drive Data Recovery can be complex depending on your situation and stressful if the data is the only copy that exists. Many hard drive recovery software applications on the market make all sorts of claims and offer very attractive pricing. However, as always, you get what you pay for.

One hidden gem included with Data Rescue 3 is its advanced cloning tool. The ability to clone a non-mounting macintosh hard drive is one of the most important tools of data recovery. Cloning a failing or corrupt drive is crucial to the process, and in a sense it buys you insurance should something go wrong. If your hard drive fails during a scan or before the data has been recovered you could be left with no choice than to invest in a physical recovery service like our sister company, The Data Rescue Center.

The Clone feature in Data Rescue 3 has been developed over years of testing to account for failing, corrupt hard drives with bad blocks. In addition it has the ability to clone from the reverse or forward orientations. This is especially handy when the beginning portion of the drive can’t be read. The reverse clone setting can overcome hard drive corruption when a standard straight copy device clone might fail.

When shopping for a Data Recovery software application for the Mac , I encourage you to not waste time with the low-cost, low-performing software titles that are out there, available on the internet. Not only can they waste time with zero to little results, but they can also cause more issues if there is no readily available support team to help you along the way. In many cases involving overseas software companies, the companies are able to put fake award logos on their website, claim a money-back-guarantee (which they don’t honor), but you find out later that it’s all a hoax, and somewhat difficult to get your money back. These companies can produce a very nice website and with the fake award logos, you’d think “Wow, this looks great!” but upon further inspection, you find out that the company never won the awards and they don’t really stand behind the produc . If your data is important to you, invest in a company that supports their products with full technical support based in their headquarters and is reachable by phone Monday through Friday, 52 weeks a year. Prosoft Engineering and Data Rescue 3 have been the market leader for computer recovery software for over 10 years, and have been in business since 1985.

With our free Macintosh Hard drive recovery software demo, you can download, clone and scan your drive for free before you even buy it.

The Data Rescue 3 demo can be found here and we now offer how-to guides for most scenarios.