Whether you use your computer for fun or for profit, one of the most frustrating events can be when a new operating system comes out. It seems like there is always a compatibility issue involved when it comes to your current hardware and software. In fact, many people do not like to upgrade their operating systems just because their existing programs might not work anymore. This can be especially upsetting if you recently purchased and installed the software. Prosoft Engineering understands your frustration and has taken steps to ease the transition.Our Mac recovery software, Data Rescue 3, is compatible with the Lion OS X 10.7 operating system. Data Rescue 3 is the award-winning document, data and digital image recovery software. The current shipping version is compatible with Lion; however, earlier version 3 copies will need to do the free autoupdate to the current version to ensure full compatibility with Lion. Don’t worry, we have made this easy for you. If you are running the software on your computer as an application, it will check for the latest version the next time you open the software and automatically download it for you at no additional charge. We have also provided a download link on our site. If you run Data Rescue 3 from an emergency boot disk, you can download the new version from our site and burn it yourself to a DVD for just $7.50. Additionally, we will ship you an official emergency DVD at no extra charge. Don’t forget to check out our other software, too. If you are thinking, ”I would like to speed up my Mac,” or feel the need for better maintenance control, go to our product pages to see our offerings.