Over the last 6 months Prosoft Engineering has added substantial support content to its Data Rescue 3 Support Page. The new “How to Guides” cover all aspects of data recovery using Data Rescue 3. The How to Guides starting from the beginning on how to properly install DR3 all the way to advanced cloning and creating bootable media.

Now, a user can utilize the demo version of Data Rescue 3 with all the features and benefits of the full application and the recovery of one file up to 10 MB. This allows a customer to try the app in confidence and utilize “DIY How to Guides” 24 hours a day. These “How to Guides” can speed up recovery and eliminate the need to contact Technical Support and reading the manual for basic and advanced tasks.

If Technical Support is needed we have you covered as well. Our excellent Support Team is located in Northern California from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm PST. When in data recovery mode , having a first class support available within the US is highly beneficial. I have had many potential customers ask me why are other competing products cheaper. The answer is simple, Data Rescue 3 is found in the Apple Stores world wide and available on your dock through the App store icon if using Snow Leopard or Lion. Data Rescue 3 can handle broken RAID’s , clone failing drives and learn new file types on the fly. Additionally our Support staff is trained in data recovery techniques and Mac OS X trouble shooting.

In certain cases our Engineering team assists the Support staff with more complex issues that customers may encounter. When you are ready to recover your data from most circumstances other than complete hard drive failures, visit our Support website to get started and when your ready were here and reachable and not just by email.

You can visit our Support page here: /support/datarescue3.php

Prosoft Engineering’s website: https://www.prosofteng.com/