Over the last few months Prosoft has added a number of “How-to guides” for Data Rescue 3 and Drive Genius 3. These streamlined guides pinpoint one function at a time and make it very easy for a new user to start a recovery project or defrag a hard drive within minutes of installing the applications. You can also access these “ How-to guides” on your iPhone or iPad, making them extremely useful and accessible.

Data Rescue 3 and Drive Genius 3 are very powerful utilities for the Mac platform. Like most utilities there is a learning curve to these types of applications. The “ How-to guides “ empower an user to go straight to the features that they need and follow along with confidence, in a step by step approach with screen shots. Users do not have to learn all of the features at once or upfront. Just choose a task , and follow the simplified steps.

Using hard drive utilities for data recovery or maintenance can be a little intimidating for many users. If you have never a used data recovery application or a hard drive utility these DIY “ how-to guides” will help speed up the process and take the guess work out. This is another example of how Prosoft Engineering strives to stay ahead of our competition, listen to what our customer needs are, and provide the best Technical Support for the Mac hard drive utilities sector.

You can view Prosoft’s How-to Guides here:

Data Rescue 3 How-to Guide: Drive Genius 3 How-to Guide: